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⚡️Adam's Product Management Newsletter #1 - Back to Product Management Basics...

Adam Wintle
Adam Wintle
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Welcome, thanks for subscribing to my newsletter. I’ve been thinking about starting some product management related side projects for a while, and I think a newsletter is a great place to start. 
In this first issue I’ll be covering some of my favourites and timeless classics about product management and its core principles. 
– Adam

Back to Product Management Basics...
What, exactly, is a Product Manager?
How to setup a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – The Startup
What People Don’t Tell You About Product Management
Why Products Fail
Let’s talk about Product Management – Greylock Perspectives
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Thank you for reading the first issue of my newsletter, I hope these articles provided some value towards what you’re working on.
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Adam Wintle
Adam Wintle @adamwintle

Focusing on People and Product: the intersection of psychology and product management.

After working in product for over a decade and speaking to many other product mangers (as well as UXers, growth people, marketers and techies) the number one struggle I heard again and again is that people are at the root of the majority of the problems.

Once you have mastered the basics of product management. Once you have read all the books. After you’ve been to all the conferences. You’ve seen all the YouTube videos; you’re a member of all the Slack communities. Then you are only left with learning how to lead, work with and manage other people, to get them all aligned and pointing in the same direction, so you can build your product vision and ultimately build a successful product.

This art of People & Product can take decades to master. I’m certainly not a master of this yet, but I thought you might enjoy following along on my journey. Want in?

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