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Adam Wintle
Adam Wintle
Hi there,
This week I wanted to do a deep dive on the technique of minimum viable products (MVP) and also touch on creating minimum viable features (MVF).
Understanding the concept of the minimum viable product was one of my key “ah-ha” moments in product management, it was really when things started to make sense. I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about MVPs, it was probably when I read The Lean Startup and then continued to read everything I could find on the concept. 
The way I look at it is that a lot of companies build products, or specific features that they think their customers will want, but often in reality they discover (usually the hard way) that people don’t use the feature (or the entire product), or the customers use the feature in an unexpected way. 
By building just the minimum viable product or feature it helps a product team learn and iterate at a fast pace, so they can learn as quickly as possible if a feature or an entire product is worth fully building out and pursing. 
Here’s six articles which dive deeper into this topic: 

What the hell does “Minimum Viable Product” actually mean anyway?
Minimum Viable Product | Silicon Valley Product Group
The Ultimate Guide to Minimum Viable Product
The Minimally Viable Feature Approach
A Playbook for Achieving Product-Market Fit by Dan Olsen
Perfection By Subtraction – The Minimum Feature Set
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Adam Wintle 
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Adam Wintle
Adam Wintle @adamwintle

Focusing on People and Product: the intersection of psychology and product management.

After working in product for over a decade and speaking to many other product mangers (as well as UXers, growth people, marketers and techies) the number one struggle I heard again and again is that people are at the root of the majority of the problems.

Once you have mastered the basics of product management. Once you have read all the books. After you’ve been to all the conferences. You’ve seen all the YouTube videos; you’re a member of all the Slack communities. Then you are only left with learning how to lead, work with and manage other people, to get them all aligned and pointing in the same direction, so you can build your product vision and ultimately build a successful product.

This art of People & Product can take decades to master. I’m certainly not a master of this yet, but I thought you might enjoy following along on my journey. Want in?

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